Cliff-top sea views where living is not just a possibility, but a privilege

A unique home which combines spaciousness with privacy and cosiness with quality

Lavish minimalism. Private spaciousness. The freedom to be who you are

Traditional materials, contemporary form – a modern classic

Paepanga’s terraced houses are the home you have always been looking for. Spacious, private, cosy and of the highest quality. A home where every detail has been carefully considered so as to offer you the freedom to be who you are and enjoy living on the cliff-tops overlooking the sea in Viimsi.

The living areas, which extend over two floors, are spacious and full of light. The master bedroom, which has its own ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, opens up onto a private balcony. A staircase leads up to a roof-top terrace, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the sea views. You can also step straight out onto the terrace from the sauna. The large, private garden faces out towards the cliff top, meaning you are well shielded from any unwanted gaze. The protected zone which begins beyond your back fence ensures that no buildings will be erected there.

Distinctive exterior and interior design

The eye-catching architecture of the Paepanga terraced houses, both inside and out, was the creation of leading designers from KAOS Arhitektid, who have used traditional materials to create a modern classic. The exterior utilises thermo-processed pine cladding as well as timber that is charred using the ancient Japanese technique known as Yakisugi, lending the buildings a lasting sense of homeliness.

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KAOS architects

  • Margit Aule

  • Karl-Johan Jakobson

  • Mihkel Ross

The interior design is minimalist and very precise in its details, marked out by curves and flow. The texture characteristic of wood is highlighted, and what makes it special is emphasised with a brushed finish. The addition of matte black details, concrete floors and microcement gives the homes an even more distinctive appearance. To create the kind of atmosphere that suits you in your new home, you can choose between three interior design packages: light, natural or dark.

KAOS architects

  • Margit Argus

  • Mariann Drell

Long-lasting and energy-efficient

The Paepanga terraced houses have been designed for energy efficiency and will be built to last. Featuring stone walls and concrete ceilings, they will be clad in durable thermo-processed timber.

A great deal of attention has been turned to the choice of materials and equipment. A high-quality air and water heating system adds to the energy efficiency of the apartments, as does the use of modern timber & aluminium windows. The solar panels on the roof quite literally generate added value, leading to savings on electricity costs. The sound-dampening concreted walls between the terraced houses very effectively add to your privacy.

Living in the Paepanga terraced houses you will be close to relaxation, entertainment and everything else you need in life. Within a radius of just a few hundred metres you will find a cinema, spas, shops, schools and kindergartens, sports clubs, a new tennis centre, a health trail and a ski slope. Parks and a beach are within walking distance.

The 12 unique homes in the Paepanga terraced houses await you!