Interior architecture

In terms of both form and finish, the interior architecture of the Paepanga terraced houses takes traditional materials and makes them modern.

KAOS architects

  • Margit Argus

  • Mariann Drell

Timber, concrete and carefully considered details work together to produce an aesthetically pleasing home environment created for a modern family. The curved lines used throughout generate a sense of airiness and flow. They can be found on the sides of staircases, on the handles of draws and cupboards and wardrobes in the kitchen and other rooms, and also in the sauna.

The interior highlights the texture characteristic of wood and emphasises what makes it special with a brushed finish in both the specially made furnishings and parquet flooring. The matte-black powder-coated handles of the special furniture stand in stark contrast to the timber but mesh perfectly with the style of the furniture itself. The use of black as a detail carries over into the lighting and the sanitary technology in the kitchen.

The internal staircase is a contemporary interpretation of a classic. It follows the lines of the Modernist movement of the 20th century but with contemporary twists: the use of white, its natural oak steps and its recessed handle and lighting.

Every solution and all of the materials used in the interior are practical and built to last. Another minimalist and eye-catching detail is the doors, which have modern lines but no visible handle. Frameless doors like these are in perfect harmony with the gentle approach taken to the interior.

Interior design packages

Each of the three interior finish packages features a different type of concrete in the entryway, different ceramic tiles and microcement in the wet rooms and different timber flooring in the living areas.

An additional choice in all three packages is the mixer taps for the sinks in the wet rooms: you can select matte black or matte white.

The oak parquet included in all three packages is inspired by nature and is in perfect harmony with the specially made timber furniture. The surface of the timber flooring, like the special furniture, is brushed to create a full sensory experience.