The Paepanga terraced houses make the impossible possible. Living here you can enjoy both privacy and spaciousness and be close to nature and right in the midst of city life at the same time.

Standing atop the Viimsi cliffs you will feel like you are on the roof of the world. From the terrace on the 3rd floor you can enjoy sweeping views out to sea and the panorama of Tallinn. The greenery of the Haabneeme cliffs nature reserve as well as the winding P├Áhjakonna staircase and health trail await you literally right outside your back fence.

As a place to live, Viimsi has something for everyone and takes both your everyday needs and more personal preferences into account. Schools and a kindergarten can be found at the base of the cliff.

Just a few hundred metres away you will find not only a health trail but also a park, sports clubs and facilities (including a new tennis centre and a ski slope) and an adventure park. You also have a wide choice of food and specialist stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, from a cinema to spas and a water park. A well-tended beach is just a 15-minute walk away.

The area is home to a well-planned network of roads and bike & walking paths, making it easy for you to get around in (as well as into and out of) Viimsi and Haabneeme whether on foot, by car or using public transport.

Due to its unique location, the residential district on top of the cliffs in Viimsi is becoming one of the most distinctive in the area. The Paepanga terraced houses being erected here will be home to a lucky few, but the dream of many.